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  • Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop: Eat Your Veggies

    Rats eating broccoli

    In honor of Pet Health Awareness month, these adorable rats of pet blogger, Ann Staub from Pawsitively Pets, are eating their broccoli. This blog hop is the first one for the month of November, so that means we are starting with a health reminder: Eat those… read more


  • Preparing For Weather Emergencies

    In light of the recent flooding and storms down south, we felt it necessary to share this information from petMD on how to prepare your pet for a weather, or any other, emergency. You should have a “go kit” for both your human family and your… read more

  • It’s Almost Halloween: Cook Up Dog Treats

    If you’re like me, you love the smell of food bubbling away in a crock pot, but you may not always like to toil over it too much. Today, though we offer you these fantastic sounding recipes offered by Kimberly Gauthier over on Pet360 for slow… read more

  • In The Company of Animals…We May Learn Who We Are

    Post by Yvonne DiVita, BlogPaws Co-Founder Recently, our own Chloe DiVita sat down with an amazing man who has been on the scene of animal care and welfare for decades. He cares as deeply about the welfare of animals everywhere, as much as we do, at… read more

  • Preparing Your Pets For Disaster

    Disaster can strike at any time. That isn’t something many of us want to think about, but it’s true. Whether it’s a weather disaster or a fire or an extended power outage you need to be prepared — both you and your pet. Pet360 has a… read more

  • Behavior In Your Aging Pets

    Guest post by Amy Shojai The puppy “accidents” and kitten “crazies” have resolved into a mature, well-behaved and beloved pet. But when did that sugar frosting on his ears and muzzle appear? The day King fails to beat you to the door, or Sheba sleeps through… read more

  • Getting To Know Your Pet

    dogs nails

    Our pets are a never-ending mystery. Sure, we know where they like their bellies scratched, their favorite foods and what their potty dance looks like. But have you truly ever pondered some of the unique traits of your pet? Over at My Brown Newfies & Me,… read more

  • Help Aging Pets Feel Young!

    Guest post by Amy Shojai  Just because your pets have slowed down a bit doesn’t mean they know they’re old. Cats and dogs get their feelings hurt and have trouble understanding when owners, out of concern for their pets’ health, try to curtail activity. There are… read more

  • Frozen Dog Treats

    It is sweltering here in Western New York and the humidity is making me feel like I am going to melt every time I leave an air conditioned room! I was thrilled to have found this frozen peanut butter dog treat when I was reading a… read more

  • The Five Cs of Senior Cat Care

    Guest post by JaneA Kelley As our feline friends age, they need us to understand and accommodate their special needs. I’m lucky to have known quite a few cats who survived well into their teens. My Siouxsie, lived to be almost 19 – about 96 in human… read more