• Adopting (and Loving) Astrid: Dealing With A Dog With Cancer

    Post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess There are two ways to look at this story: With anger at the individuals who would drop off a three-pound deaf, blind dog who was suffering cancerous tumors in a park and leave her to fend for herself; or with… read more

  • Weighing Elephant Teeth

    Who does that? Weigh elephant teeth? I guess scientists, or biologists? Regardless, I found some interesting Animal Facts on the site and thought I'd share. On the "eeewwwww!!!" scale of 1-10, with 1 being top squeamishness, this one gets a Big Fat ONE: "there are… read more

  • Non-surgical Pet Contraception

    Interesting article in the SFGate about contraception for pets. We are all aware, I think, of the necessity of spay and neuter programs, and unless you're an established breeder, I hope your pet is spayed and/or neutered. The article in the SFGate begins, "After witnessing a heartbreaking… read more

  • BLOGPAWS: Fun for the Whole Family!

    Rumor has it that savvy pet enthusiasts who are attending this year's 1st annual BlogPaws, are combining the conference with a fun family vacation by arriving early and/or staying later with their loved ones, Besides the fact that the Banana Split was first created in Columbus,… read more

  • The Global Pet Expo: Pet Spending to be over $47 billion in 2010

    With much thanks to Jody Devere who passed this info on to me, let's talk pets and spending. Some of that $47 billion is definitely coming out of my pocket! How about you? According to a press release put out by the Global Pet Expo, being… read more

  • Are you stuck in the snow?

    Funny how we (Tom and Yvonne) remember those crazy winters back in NY – all snow and wind and lots of cold, and how we're now in Colorado where – we've seen very little snow and not a lot of cold. We like to stroll around… read more