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  • Blog Post Writing 101

    pet bloggers use their voice in service to pets the world over

    Blog posts are, in essence, articles or stories written to educate, entertain, inform, or sometimes accuse. The content in them is most often the voice of one person – the blog owner. I have spent more than 10 years defending bloggers as writers. I have always… read more


  • Your Conference Checklist: 7 Must-Have Items for Any Business Conference

    Conference Prep Comfortable Shoes

    Conferences exist to bring people together in a venue that supports a specific topic or focus. They also exist to teach, promote, and support the topic or focus they were created to serve. At BlogPaws, we serve our bloggers who love pets. We work hard to… read more

  • The How To Pitch List

    Know Your Market Before You Pitch

    A look at how-to pitch and get your content on other blogger’s blogs or blog sites, like BlogPaws. The concept of pitching a piece (story, and everything is a story) is not new. Freelancing is a time honored way to build a career and improve your… read more

  • Introducing Our International Ambassador: Marjorie Dawson!

    Marjorie Dawson BlogPaws 2016 Ambassador

    I had a great chat the other day with Marjorie Dawson from Dash Kitten. Marjorie was chosen as the 2016 BlogPaws International Ambassador and our video will help introduce her to you, below. First, let me tell you a little bit about our Ambassadors and about… read more

  • 11 Surefire Ways To Build Engagement On Your Pet Blog

    11 Surefire Ways To Create Engagement on Your PetBlog

    Back in 2010, Tom and Caroline and myself (Yvonne) wrote a series of posts about engagement and comments on blogs. I thought I’d update and recap a bit today, since this is a prime issue with all bloggers. It’s true we blog because we must –… read more

  • Why I Love the BlogPaws Community!

    BlogPaws Community is Pawsome

    I love my community. I love BlogPaws. Just last week there was a discussion on Facebook that could have gone wrong. It was between some of the BlogPaws community and me. Mostly. Let’s just set the scene. When you create a community, when you’re responsible for a… read more

  • 9 Ways Being a Pet Blogger Makes You a Better Person

    fomo fear of missing out

    The human animal bond is alive and well at BlogPaws. We spend our days promoting and supporting it in various ways. The biggest way we support the all-important human-animal bond is by connecting to other pet people who “get it.” These are usually bloggers who include pets… read more

  • 7 Amazing Stories You Should Write About This Week

    the Joys of cat parenting

      [NOTE: This is Yvonne. When I wrote this post I accidentally hit publish instead of ‘save draft’ and one of the pictures made it out on social media. As a result, I had a long and educational conversation via a private Facebook group about why… read more

  • If You Don’t Do It, Someone Else Will

    Take the Leap of Faith

    The most common phrase for getting it done is “Just do it.” Desire fame and fortune? Go get it. Want to be a published writer? Just do it. Have a burning need to achieve full-time, paid status as a blogger? Go for it. The problem with… read more

  • 7 Negotiation Skills Experts Use Every Day

    Smile but don't spill the candy in the lobby

    Imagine this: you at your computer. Checking email. There it is. An email from a brand asking you to do… something. Either it’s a blog post or a blog post with product review or a social campaign to increase brand awareness. Yep, it’s there. In your inbox.… read more