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  • Saving More Lives: A Challenge

    In April 2010, the ASPCA launched a "friendly competition to inspire innovation and showcase successful, life-saving programs" called the ASPCA $100K Challenge. The details seemed simple: shelters needed to save a minimum of 300 more cats, dogs, kittens and puppies from August through October 2010, compared… read more

  • You Are Going to Be in Denver…

    The Grand Hyatt Denver is located at 1750 Welton Street – which happens to be a stone’s throw away from the 16th Street Mall!  The mall is home to 300 different stores, over 50 restaurants, and the Denver Pavilions; needless to say there are many sights and… read more

  • Wordless Wednesday: Cat and her Dog

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  • How to Bring Order to Disorder

    The following tips are excerpted from Snotface Ferret's premier book titled "Tips for Organizing: the Ferret's Guide" detailing the ferret's ways of tidying one's house or office. Organization Tip #14: Any items in a container do not necessarily belong in said container, this includes potted plants. Garbage/Recycling receptacles, baskets of… read more

  • Some Mewsings About That Cat

    There is a cat that lives with me. Well, that is what I refer to her as and it is really the best way to describe the situation. She is not my cat; she is actually my mother's cat that decided she would rather live some… read more

  • Dog Days of Summer Requires Work?

    Well, it is not really about "work" per se; the big hype about "Dog Days of Summer" is to get as much food, supplies, and love to our shelters. Through the shared efforts and vastness of our internet stomping ground, the reach of this campaign is… read more

  • The Thought Breaks My Heart

    Animal caretakers, "staff,"mothers and/or fathers are a true special breed. A class all to their own one could say, specifically our capacity for empathy is unrivaled. In my many years of having the responsibility of caring for a pet I would occasionally hear a horror story or rumor that would… read more

  • Me and My Ferret

    Me and my ferret have a friendship deeper than the potted plant he dug up. Thievery, mischief, and mayhem are part of our daily routine. Not just him mind you; we both have a habit of being ornery because we can. How many dogs or cats… read more

  • 5 Ferret Truths You Probably Forgot

    1. Spear-shaped stinky little thief. No need for name calling here! Mustela putorius furo has been domesticated for thousands of years; some records have them domesticated before your housecat! Starting in 450 BC there are Greek writings of albino, household ferrets used for rodent control. What's more, these… read more