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  • 10 Things Productive Influencers Do

    how to be a pet blog influencer

    If you want to be an influencer, and who doesn’t, there are steps you can take in both your business and your personal life to help make your influencer status a reality. From writing killer headlines and filling blog posts with information that your readers and… read more


  • Freelancing 101: How To Write A Press Release

    How to Write a Press Release |

    Last week I wrote about the top five reasons to write a press release. This week we will dig into the nitty gritty of how to write a press release. As a former journalist and editor of a local newspaper, and as a former public relations… read more

  • Freelancing 101: Top Five Reasons to Write a Press Release

    Freelancing 101 press releases

    “I’m Robbi, a pet blogger, and I work from home. Recently I signed with a major pet company to do its blogging…” Yeah? Who cares? “I’m Robbi Hess, a LOCAL pet blogger, who has been blogging full time from my XYZ home office with my XYZ… read more

  • Freelancing 101: Beat Blogger Procrastination

    15 minute rule to beat procrastination

    If there was one major thing that breast cancer taught me (well, other than I was stronger than I ever imagined I could be) it was that I needed to get to know myself better. Knowing and understanding myself has helped me with my blogging, my family… read more

  • Freelancing 101: Back To Blogging Basics

    back to blogging basics

    Why is this timely? Because it’s back to school time in most areas of the country. Even if you don’t have children, or like me, your children are grown, there is still something about this time of year. For me, September is when I make my… read more

  • Freelancing 101: Productive Ways To Manage Your Inbox

    deal with email overwhelm

    Show of hands: How many of you have a clean, organized and in-control email inbox? Chances are, many of you are looking at your inbox and wondering: How it got so out of control How to get it back in control How to manage it going… read more

  • Freelancing 101: Pet Blogging Motivation Hacks

    Pet blogging motivation hacks

    Another day, another blog post, am I right? Sigh. Is there a point to pet blogging? Is anyone reading your posts? Your Google Analytics aren’t revealing any trends. No one is commenting. Is it hard to stay motivated in your pet blogging endeavors when you feel… read more

  • Freelancing 101: Should You Write a Book?

    write a book to build your pet blogger authority

    OK, admit it: You’ve thought about writing a book at some point, right? I am convinced that no matter where I go when I tell people I am a writer and an author that they will inevitably say, “Oh, I’m going to write a book.” That… read more

  • Freelancing 101: Back To Pet Blogging Basics

    Freelancing 101 back to pet blogging basics

    “Woohoo! I’m a pet blogger!” Do you still feel the same excitement you once felt when you introduced yourself to others at a networking event? Do you still have a thrill go through you when, at a family party, someone asks, “So what do you do?”… read more

  • Self-Care For The Stressed Out Pet Blogger

    Freelancing 101 self care for the stressed out pet blogger

    Who doesn’t feel stressed-out? Show of hands! How many of you are practicing self-care? Show of hands! I don’t see as many in answer to the second question as I did to the first. In this Freelancing 101: Self-Care for the stressed out pet blogger, we… read more