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  • Pet Industry Pros Team Up for Homeless Pets #IMAGINE5


    ‘Tis the time for giving. Thanksgiving is a time to reflect, pay it forward, give back, and most of all: Adopt an attitude of gratitude for that which we have. It is in this spirit of giving that BlogPaws proudly announces a partnership of giving. In… read more


  • Enter the AvoDerm “Show Us Your Dog’s Glow” Instagram Contest

    Ruckus the Eskie

    Do you have a dog that has a happy, healthy “glow?” Then show us in the “AvoDerm “Show Us Your Dog’s Glow” Contest ” on Instagram!!! The contest starts now and ends 11:59:59 p.m. ET on November 24, 2015. Here’s the scoop, how to enter, and… read more

  • Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop: Shred Happens

    Cute dog of Lori Calvery

    “I can shred this in 5 minutes,” this cutie pie of BlogPaws Community member, Lori Calvery, seems to be saying. He better get moving because it’s blog hop time! All members of the BlogPaws Community are eligible to have their photo featured here weekly. Join the… read more

  • How to Create Blog Photos That Brands Love

    How to create blog photos

    Pictures say a thousand words, and if you are a blogger who works with brands: Pictures can make or break a post. Many veteran bloggers I’ve spoken to over the years believe quality photos or just as if not MORE important as the blog content. The… read more

  • Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop: Gobble

    Guinea pig gardener

    Farmer Cinnamon is ready for the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop. But Cinnamon is also ready for Thanksgiving with the preparation of the vegetable.  Cinnamon belongs to Carma Poodale and we think you should visit her blog, CarmaPoodale. com. All members of the BlogPaws Community are eligible… read more

  • RSVP to Win an Only Natural Pet Shopping Spree at #PetSmartChat on 11/13

    BlogPaws® and PetSmart®, are celebrating the arrival of a specialty shop section from the natural pet lifestyle brand, Only Natural Pet®, a Paleo-inspired brand that is well-suited for dogs and cats and their ancestral wolf and wildcat roots. The new collection will be available in select PetSmart… read more

  • 7 Ways To Become a Credible Blogger People Trust

    How to become a credible blogger

    by: Carol Bryant I want people to read my blog and trust my advice.  Nod in agreement if becoming a credible blogger is one of your goals. Credibility as a widely accepted definition involves being believable or worthy of trust, the big “t” word. Trust is… read more

  • Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop: Eat Your Veggies

    Rats eating broccoli

    In honor of Pet Health Awareness month, these adorable rats of pet blogger, Ann Staub from Pawsitively Pets, are eating their broccoli. This blog hop is the first one for the month of November, so that means we are starting with a health reminder: Eat those… read more

  • Cats Taking Over Social Media

    Cats on social media

    Admit it, cat parents: Felines have taken a stronghold online. Indeed, cats taking over social media is no surprise to throngs of cat moms and dads. Cat ownership and popularity continues to soar and 43 million cat parents can’t be wrong. We are a feline-loving nation,… read more

  • Wordless Wednesday Trick or Treat

    Cute dog vampire

    Trick or treat week!!! It’s also time for the Wordless Wednesday blog hop  and isn’t the cute pooch of Cathy Armato ready for fun? Cathy is the founder of Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them blog, and you should hop on over and check her… read more