• Pampered Pets Means Big Bucks: Pet Bloggers Rejoice

    blogpaws arizona

    by: Carol Bryant People treat their furry and feathered companions more like family members than ever, pampering them with treats, gifts, toys—even home-cooked meals. Well, sure that attention caught my attention: Did it catch yours? If you are a pet lover, a pet parent, or in… read more


  • The Power of Social Media Simply Explained

    social media explained

    Establishing your expertise on social media is no easy task these days. Whether you are on social media for yourself, a brand, and/or client, you should have a clearly defined plan for return on investment and return on engagement. This includes, but is not limited to:… read more

  • How a Female Dog Trainer Became a Millionaire

    by: Carol Bryant Camilla Gray-Nelson made over one million dollars in her business in one calendar year. She did it without a business plan, but with a blog, and on Saturday, August 15th, I had the opportunity to sit in on her “how to” session at… read more

  • Airline Travel Tips For Small Dog Owners

    tips for air travel with your small dog

    Editor’s Note from Robbi Hess: I have yet to fly with Henrietta, the Diva Poodle, but I have taken several cross country road trips with her. She currently has about 12,500 miles under her collar because of the trips we’ve taken to and from Arizona and… read more

  • Getting Ready To Network At A Conference

    tips to network at a conference

    Post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess As an introvert, the idea of attending an in-person networking event can sometimes cause the palms to sweat! Add in a cross country flight from New York to Oregon for the WIPIN Conference and you could have the makings of… read more

  • Peer-Led Expert Advice for Blogging Success

    blogging tips

    By: Carol Bryant Are you blogging as a business, want to attract more readers, and better yet, keep them coming back for more? Imagine if your peers, who are successful and are growing a blog as a business, could impart actionable advice so you can replicate… read more

  • Enter the BlogPaws #SeniorPetsContest on Instagram

    senior pet contest

    Do you have a senior pet? Then now is your pet’s chance to shine for all the world to see: Enter the #SeniorPetsContest on Instagram and your pet might win one of three $50 gift cards to shop at PetSmart. This contest ends August 16th, so… read more

  • 25 Places to Network and Grow a Blog

    places to network

    by: Carol Bryant Networking is one of the most important professional skills to bloggers. There are places both on and offline that will help you network so that your blog grows in sync. If you meet a lot of people, both online and off, but your… read more

  • How Bloggers Can Use Periscope to Grow Traffic

    How Bloggers Can Use Periscope to Grow Traffic

    by: Carol Bryant More traffic: Magical words to a blogger’s ears. Periscope is the new kid on the social media block, and oh how a mark is being made. How many of you are rolling your eyes and sighing silently, “now another social media platform to… read more

  • The Blog Interview: Make It Compelling

    The Blog Interview Compelling Content

    Post by BlogPaws CEO, Yvonne DiVita Interviews are a popular way to share content, engage readers with another viewpoint, and have a chance to work with a popular blogger or expert you admire. Most people are flattered when someone makes a request to interview them. The… read more