• BlogPaws #PetSafetyContest on Instagram

    BlogPaws Pet Safety Month theme badge - July 2015

    Keeping pets safe year-round should be at the forefront of every pet parent’s mind. What do you do to keep your pet safe? BlogPaws wants to know in our July #PetSafetyContest on Instagram. It’s easy, fun, and the prizes are plentiful:Three winners will each receive a… read more


  • Why Bloggers Need to Use Video in Blog Posts

    blogger video

    Lights. Camera. Action. Video is eating the Web. The headline is oh so click-worthy, is it not? In this hectic day and age, bloggers need to use video in blog posts. According to a report filed by the Washington Post, in 5 years, 80 percent of… read more

  • Instagram Ninja Tips for Bloggers

    instagram tips

    Instagram is THE fastest growing social media platform with over 300 million active users and growing.  Though cntent is king on blogs, CONVERSATION is king on Instagram. If you remember nothing else from this article, the single most important tip I can give you is this:… read more

  • Winn Feline Foundation Cat Writer Award Revealed At BlogPaws

    winn feline

    Cats matter. The people who write about cats matter, too. The Winn Feline Foundation Media Appreciation Award was created to thank journalists who support and promote awareness of feline health. In 2014, the very first Winn Feline Foundation Media Appreciation Award was bestowed upon the late… read more

  • Why is BlogPaws Going to Arizona?

    BlogPaws Phoenix

    by Carol Bryant Have you heard? BlogPaws is hosting our 8th annual conference in Phoenix, Arizona in June of 2016. Based on feedback, growth, and the overall pet-welcoming nature of the locale we select, Phoenix is a natural fit for the next conference. There are a… read more

  • Share BlogPaws 2015 Conference Posts

    blogpaws linky

    The BlogPaws 2015 Conference in Nashville was a complete success and now we want to hear about it. Each year, BlogPaws hosts a linky party to share all BlogPaws Conference-related posts. If you write about the BlogPaws Conference in any way, shape, or form, share it… read more

  • BlogPaws Looks Ahead to Phoenix

    blogpaws phoenix

    If you put hashtag #BlogPaws in Twitter or Instagram over the past several days, you’ll see the pomp, circumstance, celebrations, learning, brands galore, and of course, the networking: Of the animal and human varieties. The conference was more than a sell out and we actually had… read more

  • 10 Things Every BlogPaws Conference Attendee Should Do Now


    by: Carol Bryant Why would I care to share information about what to do after a BlogPaws Conference when the extravaganza is yet to come? Knowing what to do afterwards will help chart your courses of action AT the conference. These are things you need to do… read more

  • The Things You Don’t Know About Brands

    blog brands

    The bar is getting higher and higher and the clock is ticking closer and closer to the BlogPaws 2015 Conference in Nashville, Tennessee. The BlogPaws 2015 Conference takes place May 28-30, 2015, at the Sheraton Music City Hotel in downtown Nashville. The conference is capped at… read more

  • How to Get More Facebook and Blog Followers

    BlogPawsCares Square Small

    How can I get more reach on Facebook so that people LIKE my page and engage with me? How can I get more blog comments and actually get people to engage with me on my blog? The above are two of the most commonly asked questions… read more