• How a Blog Business Plan Leads to Money

    blog business plan

    by: Carol Bryant He who loses money, loses much; He who loses a friend, loses much more; He who loses faith, loses all. –Eleanor Roosevelt A blog business plan can help you make money but also avoid a variety of speed bumps, road hazards, and hazardous… read more


  • How to Grow Facebook and Instagram

    larry kay

    If someone had over 1 million Facebook followers and could share with you how to grow a strong Facebook following, would you listen? If another person had a strong following on Twitter and Instagram and learned to leverage her skills as a PR specialist into rocking… read more

  • How to Manage Cancer in Pets

    dog cancer

    The C word. Disguise it, whisper it, or even give it a code word: The bottom line is this is every pet parent’s worst nightmare (or at least one of them). A diagnosis of cancer in pets is something none of us ever wants to hear… read more

  • The Power of Blogger Networking

    networking blog

      There is something profound, important, huge, and life-altering to be said about face-to-face networking. Despite all the promotions, all the reasons of why it’s a good idea to attend the BlogPaws Conference, and all of the ways it can change your career path, there is… read more

  • 10 Hot Pet Bloggers Worth Reading

    pet bloggers

    Pet bloggers are a force with which to be reckoned. From pet parenting tips to cold weather indoor games and a whole host of health and wellness-related posts, pet blogs are arsenals of information. With the holiday rush behind us and the prospects of all that… read more

  • Group Shines Light on Majority of “Pit Bull” Dog Owners #TheMajorityProject

    end bsl

      “Pit bulls are mean and vicious.” “Pit bulls are scary and I cross the street when I see someone walking one.” “I’d never let my kids around a Pit Bull.” Passionate, educated pet parents know better, but the reality remains: The above statements are ones… read more

  • How to Become a Published Pet Book Author

    published book

      Have you ever dreamed of being a published pet book author? There is something very dreamy, rich, accomplished, and satisfying in being able to admit you are a published author. You are not alone, and BlogPaws is poised to deliver on the promise of uniting… read more

  • Can You Make Money Pet Blogging

    pet blogging

    Pet bloggers are making an impact on the pet industry. Brands realize the power of a well-written and visually appealing blog post by an authoritative source.  Anyone can tell you that blogging is lucrative. Anyone can tell you that if you stick with blogging long enough,… read more

  • BlogPaws 2014 Pet Blogger Year in Review

    blogger year

    It’s been a year of moving forward, changes galore and the majority of those for the better: No matter who you are and where you reading this, one common denominator unites us all: 2014 is about to close its curtains and 2015 is about to unveil… read more

  • Twas the Night Before BlogPaws Christmas

    blogpaws christmas

    Twas the night before BlogPaws Christmas And all through the house, Not a creature was stirring but me, As I blogged and clicked my mouse;   The keywords were placed in the blog post with care; In hopes that the traffic soon would be there; The… read more