How To Get Traffic To Your Blog

  • In Pet Blogging Does Size Matter? #PetBloggerMonth

    niche pet blogging

    Post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess In the past it was a “contest” to see who had the most Twitter followers or the most likes on Facebook; it was all a numbers game, but were you really winning? If I have 100 truly engaged followers who… read more


  • #PetBloggerMonth: How To Get Started With Blogging

    start pet blog

    “Everyone” may be telling you, “You should start a pet blog!” But you may look at them in askance and wonder, “Where do I even begin?” During #PetBloggerMonth we have dug up some great posts on how to do just that: Start a pet blog and… read more

  • #PetBloggerMonth: How To Be Fetching To A Publisher

    book pubisher

    If you’re a writer aka blogger, chances are you have either thought, “I have enough material to write a book” or when you’re meeting with people they will tell you that they should be writing a book! As we continue to celebrate #PetBloggerMonth at BlogPaws we… read more

  • 5 Traits Entrepreneurial Pet Bloggers Share

    pet blogger success

    Post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess  I don’t typically like to make blanket statements, but that being said, “I believe there are traits that most, if not all, entrepreneurial pet bloggers share.” What makes me say that? Because when I talk to entrepreneurs I ask questions… read more

  • #PetBloggerMonth: Organize Your Blogging Tasks

    blog organizing

    When it comes to blogging and social media and working outside of the home and taking care of home and family, it can be a daunting task for a blogger to get it all done, am I right? Blogger and BlogPaws Community Member, Angie Bailey, wrote… read more

  • Celebrating Pets Internationally


    As BlogPaws continues to celebrate International Pet Month, a BlogPaws Community member has written a post that is a round-up of pets (and their blogs) from around the world! Read here for My Pawsitively Pets post on international pets. If you ever wanted to reach out… read more

  • How Pet Bloggers Should Approach the Media

    dr katy

    by: Carol Bryant How would you like the media to discover you? Have you ever pitched the media with something you either feel passionate about or perhaps blogged? Pet bloggers are becoming today’s modern day journalists. Bloggers are highly credible sources of information, as evidenced by… read more

  • Pet Bloggers: Grab Your Niche!

    blog niche

    Post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess What kind of blogger do you think you are? That may or may not be a trick question. Are you a “personal blogger,” one who blogs about your daily life and your pet’s activities? Are you a niche blogger? One… read more

  • AllPaws’ Facebook Tab Connects Shelters With Adopters

    AllPaws FB tab

    The founders of AllPaws, Darrell Lerner and Kimberly Bouton, have made it even easier for shelters and rescues to spread the word about their adoptable pets; they have created a Facebook tab that the organizations can install on their Facebook page. The AllPaws Facebook tab, Darrell… read more

  • 5 Tips To Make A Good Pet Blog Post Great

    cat school

    Post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess Raise your hand if you’ve read a blog post that was so-so and you just knew it could be stellar with a bit of tweaking. Think back to a blog post you either wrote — or read — that made… read more