How To Get Traffic To Your Blog

  • How to Create Blog Photos That Brands Love

    How to create blog photos

    Pictures say a thousand words, and if you are a blogger who works with brands: Pictures can make or break a post. Many veteran bloggers I’ve spoken to over the years believe quality photos or just as if not MORE important as the blog content. The… read more


  • Click on that link! Share that post! Be a #boostblogger

    Click the Link Share the post

    Post by BlogPaws Co-founder Yvonne DiVita Yes, I say… CLICK on that link! SHARE that post! Be a #boostblogger I just made the boost blogger hashtag up. It stands for …boosting blog content. Blog content can be from your personal pet blog or from Facebook, Twitter,… read more

  • 7 Ways To Become a Credible Blogger People Trust

    How to become a credible blogger

    by: Carol Bryant I want people to read my blog and trust my advice.  Nod in agreement if becoming a credible blogger is one of your goals. Credibility as a widely accepted definition involves being believable or worthy of trust, the big “t” word. Trust is… read more

  • Optimize Your Content Marketing: 6 Tips

    social media content

    Post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess You blog. You post content to Facebook. You tweet and retweet and favorite tweets. You share your brilliant posts on LinkedIn and Pinterest. Nothing but crickets. What?! You’re being active, aren’t you? You’re commenting on others’ posts, right? You’re making… read more

  • 25 Ways Promote a Blog Post After Publishing

    How to promote a blog post

    by: Carol Bryant You’ve blogged a masterpiece: Great topic, sources, photos, all grammatical and spelling errors fixed, and this is one post that you put your heart and soul into. You hit publish and wait to see what happens. Mistake #1: Never wait to see what… read more

  • How to Tag Photos in WordPress

    proper tagging in Wordpress

    by Carol Bryant Images draw a reader in. Words tell the story but pictures speak where words cannot. It’s that whole a picture says a thousand words mantra: It’s true. It is also true that, as a blogger, there are specific ways to tag your photos,… read more

  • How Do You Become A Successful Pet Blogger?


    Guest post by JaneA Kelley  In the years I’ve been writing about cats, I’ve seen a lot of blogs come and go. The blogger starts out with great enthusiasm, but in a few months or a couple of years, the inspiration fades away and the hopes… read more

  • RSVP #BlogPawsChat Delightibles and Betsy Farms 09/29/15

    RSVP for BlogPawsChat

    Dog lovers and cat lovers, unite! Our final #BlogPawsChat of September, aka International Pet Blogger Month, is in your honor! Our friends at Delightibles and Betsy Farms will be special guests at the upcoming Twitter event, #BlogPawsChat. You are cordially invited, and best of all: Your… read more

  • How To Get Your Own Blogging Done

    blogging time

    Post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess I was working with a client recently and he was asking, “how can I get my own blogging done when I am working a full time job outside of the home, am in blogging programs, have scored a gig as… read more

  • Peer-Led Expert Advice for Blogging Success

    blogging tips

    By: Carol Bryant Are you blogging as a business, want to attract more readers, and better yet, keep them coming back for more? Imagine if your peers, who are successful and are growing a blog as a business, could impart actionable advice so you can replicate… read more