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  • The Secret to Writing Awesome Blog Content


    Content is a really small word but packs tremendous punch in the blogging world. In the BlogPaws offices, we’re always discussing content—and we aren’t the only ones. Brands are forever asking for the right content and the right pet bloggers to deliver that content. Knowing how… read more


  • Speaker Spotlight: Create Engaging Content


    Post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess As bloggers we all want to create engaging content, don’t we? After all, if we don’t do that, then why will anyone want to read our blog posts or our social media updates for that matter. Because this is such… read more

  • Is Your Pet Blog Influential? How to Make it Happen

    by: Carol Bryant Celebrities are the influencers much of society looks to and tries to pattern themselves after, right? I mean if Jennifer Aniston is wearing it, someone, somewhere has to have "it." What if Jimmy Fallon does a skit that happens to feature a certain… read more

  • Do’s and Dont’s of Being Sponsored at a BlogPaws Conference

    by: Carol Bryant It’s that time of year: BlogPaws 2013 Conference registration is here. New for 2013 is our very first “choice of track” programming. That’s right: Choose your tracks and customize your educational goals. Tracks include 101 (Beginners), 201 (Intermediate), and PRO (Advanced), plus exclusive… read more

  • BlogPaws on Pet Talk Television Show

    BlogPaws is happy to announce the appearance of our PR Manager and writer/blogger, Carol Bryant, who taped a segment of Pet Talk with Lauren Collier on News12 Connecticut, airing several times this upcoming weekend. Carol dished BlogPaws and a whole slew of hot new pet products… read more

  • Are you using Facebook to its full advantage?

    Whether you're a pet blogger, pet food company, or pet accessory maker you need to learn how to use Facebook to its fullest advantage. You don't want to have your every post be an in-your-face advertisement but you can spend part of your time promoting your… read more

  • Top 10 Tips: How to Get a Sponsor

    The first thing you need to consider, if you're hoping to get your blog sponsored – whether that's a sponsorship to BlogPaws, or just sponsored with a logo on your site – is: 1. Why? What is it about your blog that would be attractive to a sponsor?… read more

  • Yes! I’ll Sponsor Your Blog!

     Wouldn't you love to get an email like that? "Yes, I've been following your blog and I like what I see, so I would like to sponsor your blog for my company. Is $XX.xx per week suitable?" Wow, you'd be over the moon if that happened,… read more

  • Measuring Blog ROI – What’s it all about, Alfie?

    I'm not a great fan of focusing on ROI for everything you do. Yes, it's important to know who your readers are and what content is most "popular"… but social media doesn't lend itself to strict "roi", the way old-fashioned marketing does. (billboards, print ads, tv ads… read more

  • Monetizing Your Blog

    Everyone is looking for new ways to create income, these days. With the economy struggling as it is, some folks have lost long-held jobs, some folks have decided to add income by starting a home business, and some folks have decided that it's time to learn more… read more