How to get a sponsor for your blog

  • Speaker Spotlight: Susan Getgood & Blog Monetization


    Post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess  Catching up with busy business professionals is sometimes like herding cats! I was able to catch up with BlogPaws Conference speaker, Susan Getgood, via an email interview and she shared some of the wisdom she will be imparting to conference… read more


  • Blog Spring Cleaning: Week 3 – What Are Your Blogging Goals?


    Guest post by Kimberly Gauthier, Keep the Tail Wagging Editor’s Note: In part one you were asked to request constructive feed back, read that post here. In the second part we offered tips on SEO for your blog, read that post here. I’m kind of a nerd… read more

  • Natural Pet Food Movement: The Whys And Whats


    Post by Blog Manager, Robbi Hess “Going green.” “Natural hair and make-up.” “Environmentally friendly” products. “Healthy, all natural pet foods and pet products.” These phrases and lifestyles are being embraced by many pet parents so it only makes sense that food and pet product manufacturers would begin… read more

  • January Gets A Bad Rap: Resolve To Start 2014 With A Happy Dance

    shutterstock_41118259 (2)

    Post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess Correct me if I’m wrong, but January gets a bad rap, right? Certainly, it is a time of renewal, a time to kick bad habits and start a new year with a clean slate. If you go into a new… read more

  • Secrets To Being An International Pet Blogging Success

    Post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess Is there a secret formula you can use to take your blogging from so-so to so-spectacular? I think there are at least five steps — maybe they're secrets — to getting your pet blog recognized and your efforts to bear… read more

  • Is Your Pet Blog Influential? How to Make it Happen

    by: Carol Bryant Celebrities are the influencers much of society looks to and tries to pattern themselves after, right? I mean if Jennifer Aniston is wearing it, someone, somewhere has to have "it." What if Jimmy Fallon does a skit that happens to feature a certain… read more

  • Do’s and Dont’s of Being Sponsored at a BlogPaws Conference

    by: Carol Bryant It’s that time of year: BlogPaws 2013 Conference registration is here. New for 2013 is our very first “choice of track” programming. That’s right: Choose your tracks and customize your educational goals. Tracks include 101 (Beginners), 201 (Intermediate), and PRO (Advanced), plus exclusive… read more

  • Five Timely Tips For Your Pet Blogging

    Guest post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess It’s easy to lose focus when you’re trying to squeeze your pet blogging time into your regular daily activities. If you want to make your blogging a priority though you need to take the endeavor seriously; think of yourself… read more

  • SOS to BlogPaws Fans: Why Should Someone Attend?

    By Carol Bryant As a four-time attendee to the BlogPaws conferences, all of them with my dog in tow, I've become versed in the benefits during and after the event. I still, however, meet people who wonder if BlogPaws the conference is worth attending. I also… read more

  • BlogPaws on Pet Talk Television Show

    BlogPaws is happy to announce the appearance of our PR Manager and writer/blogger, Carol Bryant, who taped a segment of Pet Talk with Lauren Collier on News12 Connecticut, airing several times this upcoming weekend. Carol dished BlogPaws and a whole slew of hot new pet products… read more