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  • Promoting Yourself vs Promoting Sponsored Content

    How Promoting Yourself Affects Promoting Sponsored Content | BlogPaws.com

    If you spend any time online researching influencer marketing, you will find one thing that stands out: Traditional influencer marketing—once known as Celebrity Marketing–is on the decline. By traditional, I mean famous people being paid mega dollars to promo a product because they reach the largest… read more


  • How Influencers Work with PR and Digital Marketing Agencies

    How Influencers Work with PR and Digital Marketing Agencies | BlogPaws.com

    As an influencer, you often get contacted to work on campaigns from all different types of agencies, sometimes even multiple agencies claiming to be working on a campaign for the same brand. This can be confusing and frustrating, and can lead to hurt feelings, which is… read more

  • How Do Brands Choose Bloggers for Campaigns? Felissa Elfenbein Shares the Inside Scoop

    What do brands look for when hiring influencers?

    Curious about how brands choose the bloggers they want for a campaign? Want to know the magic formula for acing every sponsored campaign you earn? (Don’t we all!) How about some insider info on what makes the BlogPaws Pet Influencer Network tick? Well, today’s your lucky… read more

  • What is Your Role in Influencer Campaigns?

    What is your role in influencer campaigns-

    Influencer marketing campaigns are a lot more complex than most realize. As an influencer, you are a piece in a larger promotional effort to create awareness about a brand or product, which hopefully influences more sales. For the overall campaign to be successful, all of the… read more

  • What Is Influencer Marketing?

    What is influencer marketing- (And how to tell if YOU are an influencer!)

    To better understand influencer marketing, it is important to start from the beginning. We need to take a look at what influencer marketing really is. Influencer marketing identifies key individuals who hold sway over a specific target consumer. These individuals are opinion leaders who help create… read more

  • Dog Treat Recipes And Ideas

    best dog treats

    It’s the weekend and if you’re not doing anything, why not get into the kitchen and make some of these delicious dog treats for your furry family members! Felissa, from Two Little Cavaliers, shared this mouthwatering post on her site that is a round up of… read more

  • Road Trip Travel Tips For BlogPaws Conference Attendees

    road trip

    Post by Felissa Elfenbein, Blogger Outreach & Communications Manager In the past we’ve offered you tips on what to do when you arrive at a BlogPaws Conference and we’ve told you what to pack for a BlogPaws Conference and we have even given you tips for how… read more

  • Thanksgiving Treats For Your Pets

    chihuahua and pumpkin pie

    If you’re going to have sweet potatoes in your house for the holidays, here is a delicious-sounding recipe for sweet potato dog treats that you can make at home. The treats are “gentle on your dog’s tummy” and will also provide you (and your guests) a… read more

  • How Lifestyle Bloggers Can Engage With BlogPaws

    BlogPaws is the fastest growing group of engaged pet bloggers both online and off. As such, we attract the best and the brightest to our influencer opportunities. Brands are eager to work with dedicated pet and lifestyle bloggers through the BlogPaws Professional Pet Blogger Network.  Our… read more

  • Bake Your Dog Some Tasty Treats


    Do you enjoy spending time in the kitchen? Do you like to feed your dog treats that are healthy and homemade? If so, you may want to check out this post from Two Little Cavaliers and read the recipe they shared for no bake treats for… read more