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  • Puppy Saved From Drainpipe In Texas

    This is an amazing story of people coming together to rescue a puppy who had fallen into a storm drain. They heard his cries and one neighbor started placing food by the pipe in an effort to lure him out. Dallas Animal Services was contacted and… read more


  • Actress Alyssa Milano & SoCal Animal Rescue Save Dog Raised For Slaughter In South Korea

    From The Editor's Desk: This story broke our hearts when we first saw and it through the compassion of actress Alyssa Milano and the SoCal Animal Rescue Bomi's life was spared.  In a press release it was noted that: "A Southern California animal rescue organization, The… read more

  • Puppycide: Dogs Dying At The Hands Of Law Enforcement

    Chances are you've heard it on the news: Another dog shot and killed or maimed by law enforcement. The pet owners say their dogs were not aggressive, law enforcement officials tell a different story and say they are shooting dogs out of self defense.  We all… read more

  • U.S Military Working Dog Teams National Monument To Be Dedicated

    From The Editor's Desk:The first national monument ever to pay tribute to dogs and that honors every dog who has served in combat since World War II to be dedicated at Joint Base San Antonio – Lackland, TX on Monday October 28, 2013 The John Burnam Monument Foundation announced… read more

  • Join The Shelter Showdown #PetsAddLife

    BlogPaws is excited to be working with Pets Add Life to raise awareness to pet adoption, the human-animal bond and Pal's mission, "to demonstrate the joys and benefits of pet ownership, thus driving increased adoption of pets and responsible ownership of pets." If you're a pet lover —… read more

  • What Does a Dog Friendly Club Have in Common with Pet Bloggers

    by: Carol Bryant Would you go to a membership-based dog-friendly social club? Danny Frost co-founded Ruff Club with his wife, Alexia Simon Frost and Leo, the couple's three-year-old miniature Australian Shepherd.  They opened in January 2013 on the Lower East Side of Manhattan.  Ruff Club is a new… read more

  • Adopting (and Loving) Astrid: Dealing With A Dog With Cancer

    Post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess There are two ways to look at this story: With anger at the individuals who would drop off a three-pound deaf, blind dog who was suffering cancerous tumors in a park and leave her to fend for herself; or with… read more

  • BlogPaws: September Week One Recap Time

    by: Carol Bryant Is it really true? Can it be that the first week of September has come and gone? Whew, time is flying by. If you are as busy as we are in the BlogPaws offices, you might have missed the week that was. Not… read more

  • Minneapolis Cat Video Festival: The Good, the Bad and the Grumpy Cat

    Guest post by Angie Bailey Last year I attended the inaugural Internet Cat Video Festival at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis. It was practically in my backyard and, honestly, I expected maybe several hundred people to attend the screening that happened in an open field… read more

  • BlogPaws Presents: International Pet Bloggers Month

    by: Carol Bryant Did you ever wish that there was a day or week dedicated solely to Pet Bloggers? Wish no more, as BlogPaws Presents: International Pet Bloggers Month throughout all of September!!! Our time has come, as pet bloggers are a force with which to… read more