Breaking Mews

  • The Crepes and Lil Bub Connection

      Crepes and Lil Bub have something in common: They are both starring in an episode of CATastrophes. Alana Grelyak is the Editor of, a self-described blog about hilarious cat, Crepes, who blogs about life and special needs. Grelyak is also the winner of a… read more


  • Why Are There So Many Homeless Cats

    Just call him Inspector Dexter, indeed. My dog found a missing cat last summer and I am beaming with pride.  This can happen to any of us at any time, and by keeping our eyes open imagine the number of missing pets that can be reunited… read more

  • BlogPaws Wordless Wednesday: Cat Time


      It’s Wordless Wednesday time! BlogPaws is celebrating Adopt a Cat month throughout June! Just for entering the photo contest, you might win a $25 value prize from Pet360. Have we seen your entry? Enter the photo contest here.  Above is a photo of two cute… read more

  • NEWS FLASH: BlogPaws Teams With Winn Feline Foundation


      Cats matter, and that’s one of the messages being delivered at the BlogPaws 6th Annual Conference on Lake Las Vegas in May. The Winn Feline Foundation has teamed with BlogPaws to present the annual Winn Media Appreciation Award to one select attendee. BlogPaws has upped… read more

  • Breaking News: 3rd Annual Community #BlogPawty Rescheduled

    The Community Twitter #BlogPawty is being rescheduled due to a family emergency with the BlogPaws Executive Team. Please bear with us as the Executive Team deals with their family emergency. We’ll announce a rescheduled date as soon as we can. Don’t lose your excitement for this annual… read more

  • Does My Cat Like Me For More Than My Ability To Fill Her Food Dish?


    Post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess I live with four cats, all adopted either from a shelter, saved from a box at a roadside fruit stand or from a rescue group. As with people, each cat has his or her unique personality. Jessie, our Tortie talks… read more

  • BlogPaws VIP Sweepstakes Winners Revealed

    The BlogPaws VIP Sweepstakes recently ended, and wowza did we have a great turnout. From all folks who registered for the BlogPaws 2014 Conference through 10/31/13 at 11:59 pm EST, your names were randomly drawn from the VIP Sweepstakes. So if you missed it, the VIP… read more

  • Winners Announced of BlogPaws or Bust 2014

    BlogPaws recently held its annual BlogPaws or Bust Contest! This is the ONE AND ONLY time tickets are given away to the 2014 BlogPaws Conference, taking place May 8 through May 10, 2014 in Henderson, Nevada.  That’s right–on beautiful Lake Las Vegas, just 30 minutes from… read more

  • Request for BlogPaws Speakers 2014

    Are you a dynamic speaker with a wealth of knowledge in a particular topic that would help attendees of the biggest, long-running, and original social media conference for pet bloggers? Of course, we're talking about BlogPaws, and more specifically the BlogPaws 2014 Conference taking place in… read more

  • What Does a Dog Friendly Club Have in Common with Pet Bloggers

    by: Carol Bryant Would you go to a membership-based dog-friendly social club? Danny Frost co-founded Ruff Club with his wife, Alexia Simon Frost and Leo, the couple's three-year-old miniature Australian Shepherd.  They opened in January 2013 on the Lower East Side of Manhattan.  Ruff Club is a new… read more