For Brands


BlogPaws is Social Media Company focused on teaching, connecting and supporting. We work with pet enthusiasts to provide education on effective, responsible social media use as well as with brands eager to connect to the trusted voices of online influencers. Our dedicated team of professionals works year round to bring our bloggers and micro-bloggers together with the brands they buy every day. If you’re a brand or a start-up eager to work with online influencers like bloggers and folks who share content via Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and more… let us create a successful campaign for you.

BlogPaws’ network of bloggers in pets and lifestyle topics includes those who have attended a BlogPaws event (usually multiple times) and those who are a part of the exclusive BlogPaws online community.

  • 93% of our members have indicated a willingness to work with brands
  • 84% are women
  • 74% are dog focused
  • 43% cat focused (28% write about both dogs and cats).
  • We also serve those who write about ferrets, guinea pigs, horses and other creatures in the non-traditional pet world.

BlogPaws contracts with the bloggers, manages the campaign, follows and reports on the activity, and, depending on the level of campaign you choose, shares a detailed report once the campaign is over. We welcome your questions and suggestions.

For more information contact [email protected]