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  • Essential Networking Tips To Cultivate

    Post by Robbi Hess, Blog Manager Whether you’re at the BlogPaws 2015 Conference or are planning to attend the Women in the Pet Industry Network (WIPIN) event in August in Oregon or if you’re attending a local Chamber of Commerce or other event, you need to… read more

  • Perfecting Your Pitch: Introducing Yourself At BlogPaws 2015

    Post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess “Hi, my name is ……… and I ……….” Um, sure. Great. Is this how you introduce yourself at the BlogPaws conference or networking event? Imagine you fill in the blanks, “Hi, my name is Robbi and I am the BlogPaws… read more

  • My Bags Are Packed For BlogPaws 2014

    Post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess Yes, you read that right. With fewer than two weeks to go, my suitcases are packed and my Diva Poodle, Henrietta, is already beside herself that I am leaving even though I have the packed suitcase stowed in a closet.… read more

  • The “Who Let The Dogs Out” at BlogPaws Contest!

    Those of you who were at the BlogPaws 2012 conference last year in Salt Lake City are in for a treat! Actually, we all are… Remember Tillman the Skateboarding Bulldog and Norman the Scooter Dog from Natural Balance Pet Foods, who hung out with us, took photos with… read more

  • Au Revoir, Cosmo the Havanese

    by: Carol Bryant, BlogPaws' PR Manager Cosmo Havanese will forever live in my heart as furry bundle of energy, joy, enthusiasm, and one of the only other dogs to attend every BlogPaws conference, along with my little boy, Dexter. Diane, his mom, raised such an amazing little… read more

  • BlogPaws 2013 Conference Keynote Speaker Announcement

    BlogPaws is proud to announce our first keynote speaker, who will be motivating and bringing his dynamic voice for and about pets to the 2013 BlogPaws conference on Friday, May 17, 2013. Who could it be?… read more

  • How To Become a Professional Pet Blogger

    by: Carol Bryant, BlogPaws' PR Manager Lisa Taron loves dogs. How many of us can relate to that sentiment? A repeat BlogPaws conference attendee and bundle of enthusiasm and knowledge, Taron is on the fast track to becoming a professional pet blogger. In an effort to… read more

  • When Pets Get Caught in a Break-Up: Then What?

    Imagine the heartbreak involved when a couple splits up and the family dog is caught in the middle. David Pisarra knows all too well, as a nationally recognized pet expert. David is a family law attorney, and Steven is a nationally recognized Pet Expert. David and… read more

  • How to help animals by blogging

    By: Carol Bryant Who amongst us wants to help animals in their area? Have you ever felt overwhelmed and like you want to help but have no idea where to start? We've all been there and struggle with this. BlogPaws loves giving back as much as… read more

  • Friday Freebies for Bloggers: DogTipper’s Free Dog and Cat Photos

    By Tom Collins This one belongs under: How did I not know this before??? But in case you didn't either … I was over visiting Paris and John's DogTipper blog and noticed the "For Bloggers" link in the nav bar, scrolled over it, and bingo! Down… read more