BlogPaws 2010 Sessions

  • Wordless Wednesday – Pets Outdoors

    Submitted by Nicole     Submitted by Alonna Koch   Submitted by Bassetmomma     We would LOVE more pictures posted to the community to give us lots to choose from for Wordless Wednesday. We hear from everyone who has been chosen that they love waking… read more

  • Ten Tips for Good Blog Writing

    One of the sessions at BlogPaws West is Writing Essentials. I'm presenting it. The reason we added this to the agenda is to help our bloggers create professional content that reflects their own voice. Today, our blogs are more than ramblings or musings. Our blogs are being… read more

  • Product Reviews: A Right Way and a Wrong Way

    Let's be frank – or sam or andrew, but mostly frank; as in honest. Not sure what 'sam' or 'andrew' would depict. Bloggers who blog on a regular basis, especially if the blog is relevant to a niche audience (think pet blog, gossip blog, fashion blog,… read more

  • Dogtipper says Pet Bloggers Like Mommy Bloggers We agree!

    Paris and John, two of our BlogPaws Alumni, have a great post on their Dogtipper site that proves pet bloggers are just like mommy bloggers! They come to this conclusion thanks, in part, to another BlogPaws Alumni, Jane Couto. I must tell you that I was over the… read more

  • Be the Change: It’s Up To You

    UPDATE – the Pawty is on the 21st, not on the 17th. Visit FrugalDougal for the details!!! We're serious about making changes, here at BlogPaws. So much so, we created our focus around giving back – supporting shelters and rescues, and helping our pet blogger friends… read more

  • Frugal Dougal’s “Be the Change” Video

    Folks in the "Be the Change You Want to See" session at BlogPaws 2010 were so moved by this video from Lynn Haigh (of @FrugalDougal and PawPawty fame) that we played it for everyone in the closing general session. Now she's made it available to the world!… read more

  • Measuring Blog ROI – What’s it all about, Alfie?

    I'm not a great fan of focusing on ROI for everything you do. Yes, it's important to know who your readers are and what content is most "popular"… but social media doesn't lend itself to strict "roi", the way old-fashioned marketing does. (billboards, print ads, tv ads… read more

  • Getting Personal with BlogPaws™ Speaker:Michele C. Hollow

    <drumroll> and NOW- some of the speakers you will meet on the BlogPaws panels! To start us off, author, journalist, and blogger, Michele C. Hollow…… read more

  • Introducing BlogPawsTM,

    . . . a new organization created specifically for the online pet community. Our mission is to create a resource for learning, networking and fun. UPDATE: From the start our BlogPaws "mission" has also included helping pets and, in particular, pet shelter/rescue organizations. Our "Be the… read more