Weighing Elephant Teeth


Who does that? Weigh elephant teeth? I guess scientists, or biologists? Regardless, I found someElephant-nasa interesting Animal Facts on the Buzzle.com site and thought I'd share.

On the "eeewwwww!!!" scale of 1-10, with 1 being top squeamishness, this one gets a Big Fat ONE: "there are more than 650 species of leeches and they are often used for medical purposes." Ok, I get that part. But, did you know that Leeches are segmented and their bite is painless? Not to mention, they are hermaphrodites – they have both male and female sex organs.

Giraffes use their elongated tongue to clean their ears. You have to laugh at that image!

A wolf's howl does not produce an echo, even if the animal is howling in a valley between mountains. (most likely untrue – as noted on the Yahoo! Answers site, "the pitch and intensity can minimize the distances the echo travels, to prevent confusion among pack members," but it's doubtful that a wolf can control sound.

A grizzly bear can run as fast as a horse. An average horse, not a racehorse. Although, racehorses only run for short distances so I wonder how this fact is being vetted. Anyone know?

This seems like old news, but maybe there are still some pet owners who don't know: fleas are known to Music-and-pets cover a distance of 30cm in a single leap — twenty times the length of its own body!

Music really does soothe the savage beast. But, of course! Who didn't know that? Turn on the music when you leave home, to help calm your pets. (you might want to experiment and figure out what kind of music they like, though; I suspect there are favorites, even among our pets)

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