Saving More Lives: A Challenge


Miah & Onyx puppy In April 2010, the ASPCA launched a "friendly competition to inspire innovation and showcase successful, life-saving programs" called the ASPCA $100K Challenge.

The details seemed simple: shelters needed to save a minimum of 300 more cats, dogs, kittens and puppies from August through October 2010, compared with the same three-month period in 2009 to qualify for the grand prize grant of $100,000. The winner would be the shelter that saved the most additional lives in that same time period.

Many are going to be happy to hear that through the 50  shelters registered to be a contestant for this competition, a total of 7,362 more animals were adopted in the months of August to October than in the same months last year! In reality, everyone's a winner with a jaw-dropping number like that, and a big thank you to the amazing shelters that kept with the spirit of the challenge true to their hearts.

Onyx puppy's adoption photo I was ever so happy when the winner was announced and my local Humane Society of Boulder Valley won the grand prize! Through the efforts of all the staff and volunteers 2,284 pets were given a new life and a new home. The team goal of 1,000 additional lives in a mere three months was a calling to implement new perspectives and leading-edge operations to deliver results for people and their new additions.

One thing the team did was to print out a color 11" x 8.5" photo of each pet adopted and wallpapered the facility's training room. A reminder that these faces represent the spirit behind the challenge that is much more than just three months of the year.

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  • Susan

    That is absolutely amazing! Good job everyone. Love hearing stories like this.

  • Tammy

    Wow – that is very cool! I grew up in Colorado not too far from Boulder. It’s great to hear news like this!