Me and My Ferret


Me and my ferret have a friendship deeper than the potted plant heHai, whatchoo got there? dug up. Thievery, mischief, and mayhem are part of our daily routine. Not just him mind you; we both have a habit of being ornery because we can.

How many dogs or cats are going to help you type a composition with gibberish? (Writer's block is not a problem here.) He will overturn your garbage, to keep you from letting it get too full; purge the contents of your purse because you don't need all of that in there; or dump your water cup, since it was getting stale anyway?

Me and my ferret go everywhere together. He curls up in my lap when he needs time for a power nap, or to think of more high jinx for his day. From office to a friend's house, we are side-by-side. No day is boring with him; I have learned to anticipate the unexpected (if that is even possible).

Will you quit stepping on me! Me and my ferret have the best of all worlds. He is more than just a friend, and he isn't particular about whom he spends time with. You can be hissy, step on him, pull him away from whatever he might have been getting into and will receive a "How-ya-doin'?" or "Let's play in some mud!"

Me and my ferret are doing our best to show others that ferrets really are the best! He is the charmer while I answer any questions as seriously as I can. Although I must admit it is hard not to be a prankster when my teacher's favorite phrase is "I love those breaking noises!"

Me and my ferret are going out to explore the world, meet new characters, and experience new and exciting things – all because life is too short not to.

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    Very nice. I know it must be fun to have such mischievous companions!All I have is a lazy cat. She’s a real sweetie, but pretty boring. Maybe I shouldn’t complain. :)