BlogPaws Updates: Win your way to BlogPaws, then Win an iPad!


AAHA - The Standard of Veterinary Excellence

UPDATE 10: Contests & Prizes Galore!

Anipal Times is having a drawing for a full pass to BlogPaws 2011!

BlogPaws is holding a Photo/Caption contest with a Grand Prize travel package to BlogPaws 2011! And the BlogPaws Community will be holding a T-Shirt Design Contest for the 2011 conference t-shirt. Watch for the announcements!

And when you GET to BlogPaws 2011, our sponsor-friends at AAHA will be running a scavenger hunt with an iPad for the winner (details coming soon)!

BlogPaws 2011 Early Bird Pricing Ends May 31 - Register NOW!! UPDATE 9: Time is flying by! Early Bird pricing for BlogPaws 2011 ENDS May 31. Don’t miss it: REGISTER NOW!

The preliminary listings of this year’s educational sessions and speakers have been posted. Check them out!

Detailed session descriptions will be added soon. And we’re working hard on finalizing the schedule, so we can get the fancy grid up, that Tom likes so much.

Plus, more news about a greatly expanded Vet Track coming soon! So check back often!

SellYourStuff-badge UPDATE 8: Sell Your Stuff, Save a Pet is on! List the “stuff” you’re selling!

Shop the lists and buy some stuff to help pets! (You know you want to.)

Report your local shelter donations and check back after June 5 to see the total results!

BlogPaws Community Lauch Annoucement - Click to check it out! UPDATE 7: The BlogPaws Community features are live! Those of you who’ve already filled out the Community form — you know who you are, right? — THANK YOU for your patience!! You should have received your email invitation to set up your account, so please let us know if you think we missed you in error. Or better yet, just go sign up directly!

Amid all the important pet welfare efforts last week, we announced the BlogPaws 2011 Keynote Speakers:

  Rescue Ink - This ain't your mother's rescue group! Heidi Ganahl - Founder and Top Dog at Camp Bow Wow Francois Gossieaux - Co-Author of The Hyper-Social Organization


We interrupt our featured updates
for this week’s important causes:
Petfinder-AdoptTheInternetDay Paws For Japan - Help World Vets help people and pets in Japan


The Petties 2011 - selection process will begin soon!UPDATE 5: Start writing your acceptance speech! Pick out your formal wear (and your pet’s)!!

Planning with Dogtime for the 2011 Petties has begun. This year will be bigger, glitzier, and more fun!

More categories, more winners — all with your help. Watch for details!


BlogPaws 2011 I'm Going AGAIN Badge - 160x60UPDATE 4: Hoping to quell a Twitter uprising, Tom said, “Give ’em what they want!”

Two styles to choose from on the BlogPaws 2011 Badges page

UPDATE 3: Yes, it’s Jan. 31 already. Don’t miss it!

Also, to nip the brewing Twitter revolution in the bud (@grouchypuppy, @dlsilver, @dancingdogblog, @vscook), working on providing special badges for returning BlogPaws Alums! Stay tuned!


UPDATE 2: Another reason to register early! The Sheraton is extending the special BlogPaws room rates for 3 days before AND after the conference, so you can plan to see some Washington DC sites, too. But only “subject to availability of guest rooms at the time of reservation” — so don’t wait!  

 Big plans, big doings, lotsa learning and lotsa fun!

UPDATE: BlogPaws 2011 Badges now available here!

BlogPaws 2011 Badges available here!

More BlogPaws 2011 info here.

Register Now for BlogPaws 2011 and take advantage of Advance Sale pricing!

  • caren gittleman

    I am soooooooo hoping that I can go!!!!!
    woooo hooooo!!!

  • Pup Fan


  • Katieboocat

    @CheshireK and I are certainly going to try to go! It is on our calendars.

  • The Kitty Hut


  • Helen Woodward Animal Center

    It’s certainly a goal of ours to be there if we can! For those who haven’t gone before, try and do it! You won’t regret it!

  • CHo Meir

    Come to the Washington/Metropolitan Area for BlogPaws, We’ll show ya a good time!

  • Sammy and Andy

    Our mama is hoping to attend!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Oz_theTerrier

    My Ma would luv to go…never been before but read all about last years!

  • Lori @ According to Gus

    We are hoping to arrange our travel plans around the conference. It sounds amazing!

  • Rebecca – thephillydog

    Is there anyone from the Philadelphia area who is going who would be interested in carpooling?

  • Diane and Cosmo @To Dog With Love

    Yay for alumni badges! It will be the third BlogPaws for both of us! Can’t wait to see and meet everyone!
    Diane and Cosmo
    @DLSilver and @CosmoHavanese

  • Teri and the cats of Curlz and Swirlz

    We are getting excited, seeing who’s coming! And cool new Alumni badge! I am thinking of staying at the hotel even though I only live an hour away, just so Disco and Brighton can schmooz more!

  • Nikita Cat

    Hello, this is Nikita Cat, Offishul Repurrter for The Cat Blogosphere, and writer of Meowsings of an Opinionated Pussycat.
    The last 6 months have not been easy for us, what with a new kitten to mentor, me with Arthritis, and Daddy un-employed.
    I have not been able to keep up with your wonderful website like I’d planned.
    But that will change.
    Daddy is taking a Leap of Faith, and though we do not know what our situation will be in August…He just registered to attend Blog Paws 2011.
    As some know we are big fans of this blog, and the conventions, and have always regreted not being able to attend the first 2 as we feel there is so much we can learn, and gain.
    We felt it was important that Daddy Kiril try to go this time.
    So we have the next 5 months to save for 3 days at the hotel, and for his plane tickets, and hope for the best.
    I now have a badge on my sidebar, and Daddy has one on his blog, too.

  • Dancingdogblog

    Ha! Now we twitter rabble rousers will put a lid on it! Nice badges ya got there. See you in August and thanks for the credit – I have a rep to uphold;-D

  • Yvonne

    Hi, @Nikita Cat – we are thrilled you’ll be coming to BlogPaws. Thank you for posting the badge. Are you a member of our community? We will be launching the OFFICIAL community soon and there may be opportunity to participate in programs and projects.
    @dancingdogblog Your reputation is secure! BOL!

  • KnottedFingers

    Oh wow. It looks so much fun! Wish I could come

  • Jaime

    Thanks for the cool badgees! When do we find out who the Petties nominees are???

  • Blogpaws Team

    @ThoughtsFurPaws – BlogPaws 2011 announcements galore, coming over the week or so … including the Petties! They’ll be bigger and better this year, so more details being finalized. But stay tuned …

  • Jaime Smith

    Cant wait cant wait cant wait to see everyone and make even more new and fantastic bloggie friends!!
    Jaime and co

  • Joyce

    Won’t be able to attend it :(
    Maybe you could do a virtual one after the actual conference? for those who couldn’t make it? I know there are many others out there who can’t make it physically to this great conference.
    I came across a virtual conference today that was pretty impressive! (immediately thought of BlogPaws conference when I saw it haha) It was created by UNISFAIR.

  • wholesale jerseys

    My Ma would luv to go…never been before but read all about last years!

  • sumin007

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  • Emily

    Good web!

  • zhang

    how to register here? i want to be a part of blogpaws

  • Xara

    Have seen the t-shirts designs for the last contest and I look forward on attending on one of the future contest that will be held.